On a mission to change how WEB3 projects do marketing

Valuable discussions with marketers, founders, builders and communities

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Our duty as a marketing agency is to bring value and contribution; teach it, preach it and lead by example. We’re on a mission to drive growth and change the way WEB3 projects do marketing forever.

We are ready.
Ready for value first.
Ready for real contributions.
Ready to focus on ecosystems.
Ready to discover WEB3 trailblazers.
Ready for community co-creation.
Ready to change the narrative.
Ready to be the bridge that connects projects, founders, teams and communities.
Ready for stimulating discussions with real people, real projects and real communities.

This is what ShockSpaces is all about.

Expect only experienced guests that have proven their value creation. Learn from the latest data, and hear about exciting marketing tools and platforms that are being built in WEB3.

We are ready. Are you?

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our host
Elena Moldovan

Elena has been in marketing and driving growth for the past 9 years. Until she transitioned to WEB3, she worked in big corporations, start-ups and marketing agencies. She loves innovation, data and working with people for the people. She is also a certified professional coach, and loves a good challenge that will make everyone become better.

Her commitment to the #WEB3 space and its builders is that she will have guests that have the highest standards of driving growth. Her wish is to have really valuable insights, data, perspectives, platforms and tools, from which we can all learn and use in building communities for the projects we believe in.