FOMO Creation

Like attracts like and shares attract token holders. We’ll make sure your project is full of life from day one with maximum reach on all important social channels. This is not your usual cheap service where numbers will just show up on your post or tweet.

Organic is the name of the game, making your retention rate skyrocketing!

Key points:

  • We’ll assure that all social media places will look healthy and full of life
  • Boosting all posts on following socials
    – Twitter (5/10/15 posts/week)
    – Reddit (2/4/7 posts/week)
    – Linkedin (5/10/15 posts/week)
    – Telegram (10/20/30 announcements/week)
    – Instagram (5/10/15 posts/week)
  • Bear Market FOMO vs preFOMO – meaning preparing for the golden times – our FOMO strategy will generate new project comers from all sources and will be focused on creating a public interest for the project.