Giveaway / Contest / Gleam Campaign

We will make your giveaway, contest or gleam campaign glow in the dark! Apart from dope visuals and catchy content, the structure and reach will also be unparalleled. Based on your project’s unique needs, key objectives will be implemented into the game: reach, engagement, awareness and investment.

Why is it “ a crypto must” to have this in your business plan?

Because the long term success of a token is enabled only by its grassroots community leadership and sense of ownership. It’s WEB3 baby and we’ve just weaponized it!

Key points:

  • Concept + content + visuals
  • 2/3/4 Monthly Contests ( different level structures, approaches and angles)
  • Twitter / Telegram immense reach from common to viral
  • Fresh vibe for your community, bringing new tools on the table such as gamification levels, mystery boxes, earn approaches, organic growth
  • Prizes will be efficiently offered so that the interest will grow exponentially from contest to contest, making your community more engaged, understanding that your project success is imperative and shareable
  • Guaranteed success
  • Creating tribes from scattered audiences