PR Distribution

Tired of paying for articles or Press Releases that no one will pick up? Good, because being in a competitive niche doesn’t help either, not to mention the “crypto” trigger that most of your media outlets will automatically refuse.

The philosophy of a good press release was written in the genesis of advertising as a whole and it’s not a job for your usual content writer. We’ve partnered with the biggest and the baddest in the game to master this art. A press release success is not optional, it is mandatory.

Key points:

  • Tailor made ideas for your articles, press release
  • Professional content made by a REAL native speaker that has years experience in editorial and journalistic field
  • Creative approach that will make it appealling for media outlets
  • 1-to-1 meeting with distribution owners for feedback before your PR is released
  • Guaranteed success
  • Non Crypto: Cision
  • Crypto: > all list